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    What Our Patients Are Saying
    What Our Patients Are Saying?
    • Within a couple of days I resumed all my normal activities. You've truly given me my life back. I'm 72 years old, but feel like I'm 20 years younger. It's amazing!

      Ray Yillik
    • Over the last two years my activity level has increased exponentially. I’ve lost 20+ pounds, I’m able to wade my favorite fishing waters, climb...

      Troy Buzalsky
    • One of Dr. Wagner's greatest strengths is his understanding of the athlete's mindset due to the fact that he has worked with so many high level athletes.

      Lawrence Norman
    • I never thought I could be here, six months later, stronger than ever… I have not felt this great since I was 16.

      Jetta Rackleff
      RIT D1 Women's Ice Hockey Goaltender
      USA Women's Inline Hockey Goaltender
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